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company news about Do you really know and how to buy industrial ovens?

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Company News
Do you really know and how to buy industrial ovens?
Latest company news about Do you really know and how to buy industrial ovens?

What is an industrial oven? What are its categories?

Industrial oven is one of the drying equipment. The characteristics of each baking product are different, resulting in different requirements for industrial oven. Each industrial oven device has its specific scope of application, and several drying devices that can meet the basic requirements can be found for each material, but only one is more suitable. If the appropriate equipment is not selected, in addition to bearing the unnecessarily high procurement cost, it will affect the material baking effect, such as low efficiency, high energy consumption, high operation cost, poor product quality, and even the device can not operate normally at all. Therefore, the selection of industrial ovens should be based on specific materials and special requirements in order to get twice the result with half the effort. Let's take a look at the classification and application fields of industrial ovens!


1. Application fields of high temperature oven (oven): aerospace, nano materials, silicone rubber, precision ceramics, powder metallurgy, spraying, hardware, motor, stator, rotor, auto parts, etc;

2. Application fields of dust-free clean oven (100%, 1000 and 10000): silica gel, semiconductor, LCM, LCD, led, MLCC, TFT, touch screen, solar panel, backlight, ceramics, quartz oscillator, PCB, PE, electrolytic capacitor, rubber and plastic keyboard, computer parts, etc;

3. Application fields of large industrial oven: PCB, hardware, plastic, chemical industry, silk screen printing, spraying, electronics, etc

4. Application fields of vacuum oven: heat sensitive, easily decomposed, easily oxidized substances, pharmaceutical fields, etc

5. Application fields of LED special oven: LED photoelectric industry, dot matrix, nixie tube, LED light emitting diode, SMD, high power, patch and other curing baking.

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latest company news about Do you really know and how to buy industrial ovens?  1


How to choose an industrial oven?

1.The heating tube of the first industrial oven. The material and winding mode of the heating pipe in the oven directly affect the baking effect. If you want to achieve a satisfactory baking degree, you need to choose a good heating tube, so the heating tube is very important when choosing an industrial oven.

2. look at the material inside the industrial oven. If the inside of the industrial oven is not easy to clean, it is easy to accumulate grease. After baking at high temperature, it is easy to cause fire in the industrial oven, which is a very dangerous thing. Therefore, whether the internal material of the industrial oven is easy to clean is also an important point to consider when purchasing.

3.look at the power cord of the industrial oven. Generally speaking, industrial ovens for low-end products use silica gel lines with poor heat resistance, while industrial ovens with good quality use rubber lines with good heat resistance and non combustion for a long time.

4. look at the thermal insulation effect of industrial oven. A sufficient standard oven attaches great importance to the thermal insulation effect, because if the heat cannot stay in the oven and spread outside the body, the baking effect will be very poor and the energy will be wasted.

5.look at the size of the industrial oven. The internal size of the industrial oven can be determined according to the size and number of test items. In the drying process, the number and placement of test items in the industrial oven studio affect the temperature uniformity in the studio. When the uniformity of temperature uniformity is high, it is recommended to reduce the number of samples or select a large industrial oven to ensure hot air convection in the studio. Keep a gap of 2-3cm or more between the article sample and the inner wall or the air inlet and outlet, which is conducive to the convection of hot air in the industrial oven studio.

6.The sixth is to observe the temperature of the oven. This is what we can determine when we buy the oven. If we are not sure, we can take samples for testing after the design is completed. In this way, we can obtain better temperature requirements for processed products. In addition, a good industrial oven and temperature can be adjusted within a certain range. It can also adjust the temperature and temperature control alarm and other auxiliary systems.



How to use the industrial oven?


The inner liner of the industrial oven is filled with aluminum silicate fiber, so that a thermal insulation layer can be formed in the industrial oven to ensure the temperature in the oven and make the oven work normally. Industrial oven is widely used in production, because and industrial materials can only be used after drying. Industrial oven can be said to be a general drying equipment, which is useful in various industries that need to dry materials.


Industrial ovens should be installed in indoor dry and horizontal places. Different types of industrial ovens have different configurations. Please read the equipment manual carefully before use. After preparation, you can put in the sample, close the box door, turn on the power, set the temperature, etc.


A current air switch matching with the test shall be installed on the power line of the industrial oven, and there shall be a grounding wire. Do not arbitrarily remove the side door of the industrial oven to change the circuit. Open the test chamber for inspection or notify the manufacturer only in case of failure. After the temperature reaches the standard, the high temperature switch of the industrial oven can be turned off to reduce power consumption and prolong the service life of the relay.


If you want to observe the samples in the industrial oven working room, you can use the glass door to observe. The door cannot be opened to avoid affecting the constant temperature conditions in the oven. Especially when the temperature rises to 300 ℃, if you open the door, the glass door may be suddenly cooled and broken. Keep the inside and outside of the industrial oven clean. When in use, the temperature shall not exceed the limit temperature of the industrial oven. And special tools should be used when testing. Prevent scalding and cut off the power supply in time after work to ensure safety.

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