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company news about Principle And Characteristics Of Oven

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Company News
Principle And Characteristics Of Oven
Latest company news about Principle And Characteristics Of Oven

Principle And Characteristics Of Oven

Principle of working:

The industrial oven uses the connection between the digital display instrument and the temperature sensor to control the temperature of the working room, and uses the hot air circulating air supply to dry the materials. The hot air circulating system is divided into horizontal air supply and vertical air supply, which are professionally designed. The air source is the air supply wheel driven by the motor operation, so that the blown air is blown on the electric heating pipe to form hot air, The hot air is sent to the working room of the industrial oven from the air duct, and the used hot air is sucked into the air duct again as an air source for re circulating heating, which greatly improves the temperature uniformity. If the box door is opened and closed in use, the air supply and circulation system can quickly restore the operating state temperature value.


Industrial oven structure:

The design is perfect, the box is processed by CNC machine tool, and the box door is double open, which is easy to operate.

The inner tank is made of SUS304 stainless steel plate and the shell is sprayed with A3 plate, which is more smooth and beautiful.

The circuit system side adopts door opening to facilitate maintenance and overhaul.

The tightness of the oven door can be adjusted. The integrally formed silicone rubber door sealing ring ensures the tightness of the oven.


Industrial oven control execution system:

The temperature controller adopts touch keys, digital LED display and PID intelligent control instrument;

PT100 platinum resistance temperature sensor;


Industrial oven protection system:

The whole machine protection system consists of overtemperature protection and alarm device.

Ensure the integrity of executive components and test pieces.


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Characteristics of industrial oven:


The strong blast circulation system with unique design ensures the stability of temperature. The temperature control system adopts digital display temperature control, which is intuitive and eye-catching. It is equipped with reliability protection device and overtemperature alarm. Special requirements, the imported production line can be designed and customized for users. Features:

1. SECC steel plate and fine powder baking paint are used for external coating,

2. Sus mirror stainless steel is used inside; New high temperature resistant long axis motor;

3. Vortex fan;

4. Silicon packing;

5. Overtemperature protection: overload automatic power-off system;

6. Circulation mode: forced horizontal air supply circulation;

7. Heating mode: PID + S.S.R;

8. Temperature range; Room temperature + 20-250 degrees (temperature range)


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